Family Vacation


This property is simply amazing.  Our family has rented vacation homes across this country and others and this property was easily the best; it’s in a league of its own.  Our family gathering included three adults and four children (ages 9-17), but the lodge could have comfortably accommodated several additional families of our size.  We noted how fun it would be to have a much larger family reunion with more extended family in future years.


We stayed for a week at the end of March, but could easily have stayed much longer given the number of activities available.  Not only are the views from the lodge and property spectacular, especially the snow covered meadow and surrounding mountains, but there are ample activities to suit virtually anyone’s tastes on-site as well as within driving distance.  Our adventures included snowmobiling, sledding, snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park (the property lies at the edge of the park with easy access into the park), skiing at Winter Park, tubing at Fraser’s historic tubing hill, swimming in natural sulphur hot springs, relaxing in the steam room, playing ping pong, billiards, air hockey, foosball, and endless board games, and staying up late watching movies on the big screen in the lodge theatre.


The lodge décor is warm, comfortable, and inviting and adds to the ambience of being in the mountains.  The amenities are endless, from an old fashioned popcorn machine to every kitchen appliance imaginable, to electronically controlled lighting controls throughout the house – great for turning off the lights in the entire lodge once you’ve already settled down in the master bedroom.


Getting into some of the features we most enjoyed, we’d start with the windows in the great room.  One entire wall spanning three stories is essentially nothing but windows. Our family found themselves drawn to this room and the views from it countless times each day.  With several couches and several additional chairs, the room easily accommodated us (and could have accommodated many more of us) and became a place for the entire family to gather and visit.  We also spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen. Although there a number of restaurants in nearby Grand Lake and other towns spanning all of the way to Winter Park, we enjoyed cooking and eating in the kitchen as a family most often.  Whether we were looking for a crockpot to slow cook a roast or a large mixer for baking or a rice cooker or any size pot or pan, they had it all. With two large sinks with garbage disposals and two dishwashers, clean up for a large group was easy.  The main table can seat a group at least twice our size but we also noticed quite a few folding wooden chairs that look like they could be set up for much larger groups. Even though it was winter, we ate once outside on the picnic table on the deck as well.  But whether inside or out, the windows from anywhere in the kitchen include the same stunning views as the great room.


When not outside sledding down the hill from the lodge to the road or romping around in the meadow, our kids were often found in one of the game rooms.  We also regularly gathered in the lodge theatre downstairs where surround sound, a large screen, and a projector create a movie theatre like experience. With the fireplace in the room, a second kitchen (perfect for making popcorn), a very large sectional couch, and dozens of pillows for those wanting to stretch out on the comfortably carpeted floor, this venue has any public movie theatre beat.


The bedrooms were all unique and we had fun picking out each of ours.  The kids loved the bunk bed rooms (6+ beds in each) and wished they had more of their cousins to join them.  Our teens and adults each found our individual accommodations better than our own at home. The master bedroom is very spacious including a King-sized bed, couch and chairs, but there are a number of rooms that equally suited any of the adults with beautiful King-size beds and comfortable mattresses.


We should also highlight the privacy of the location.  While you are within driving distance to a number of towns (Grand Lake, Granby, Fraser, Winter Park, Hot Sulphur Springs), the lodge is back on its own down a dirt road near the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Although you can see the neighbor’s house down the road, the lodge enjoys the privacy afforded by the mountain behind the lodge, along with the meadow and pond out in front. In essence, the space, location, amenities, privacy, and beauty make this an ideal spot for family reunions and family getaways – chances to disconnect from the urban and reconnect with nature and each other.  We can’t wait to go back.

Brandon & Christina B. (Los Angeles, CA)

Family Trip


The first time that we walked into the Meadowview Mountain Lodge, our jaws dropped.  It was better than we could have ever imagined. We have lovingly renamed it “the Five Seasons,” because it is better than any Four Seasons resort.


The lodge is situated on acres of private, idyllic landscape, surrounded by trees, and a meadow with a private lake.  The scenery is extraordinary, with views from every window that appear to be straight from a postcard.


The lodge is built as a luxury “log cabin,” with four stories, and a 3-story, huge A-frame window overlooking the meadow and pond.  The architectural details are perfect, and the furnishings are beautiful and top quality. The lodge has everything that you could wish for.  There are enough bedrooms to sleep 30 people comfortably, but the lodge also feels very cozy and warm, thoughtfully designed with living areas, gathering spaces, cozy dens, and reading nooks, and extraordinary fireplaces.


There are two full kitchens and dining rooms, on separate floors, that are perfect for a multiple family excursion.  The kitchens are fully stocked with all the appliances and utensils that you will need. There is a fabulous game room, and a cozy loft with multiple beds that is perfect for a group of kids.  It also has a steam room that is perfect after a day on the slopes, and an amazing mudroom, and laundry room.


There are decks surrounding the lodge that are an ideal place to read, or watch the wildlife, or activities occurring in the meadow.  It is also a beautiful place to sit out and eat on a warm day.


We used the lodge for a mini family reunion.  Four families traveled from different locations in the U.S., and met for a week in July.  We traveled with 8 children and 8 adults. We enjoyed all of the indoor activities, but had a wonderful outdoor experience as well.


We enjoyed long hikes through wooded paths, and encountered fabulous wildlife including moose, deer, and birds.  We were able to boat and fish in the pond with a canoe and a paddle boat. The pond has a small island in the middle of it, and the kids loved to hop off the boat and fish from the island.  We spent hours doing jigsaw puzzles on the large dining room table.


Nearby, we visited restaurants, and we spent one day at a local recreation center, swimming and playing basketball.


If you want the type of family vacation, or romantic getaway, that you have always dreamed of, I would recommend a visit to this beautiful Rocky Mountain lodge.  It surpassed all of my expectations (and I am picky). It has left our entire family with warm and cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Bob G. & Michele E. (Los Angeles, CA)

Family Reunion


A couple of years ago we had the great fortune to host our family reunion for a week at the Meadowview Mountain Lodge tucked away in a picturesque valley in the majestic mountains of Colorado.  Cousins got to know each other better, bonds of love and friendship were strengthened and flourished, and the family was knit together stronger and closer by what we shared during this time. It was hands-down everyone’s favorite reunion.


The luxurious lodge had beautiful furnishing that accommodated all of us (35+ people) very nicely.  The grandparents were given the resplendent master suite on the second floor from which they could enjoy the exquisite sunrise over the mountain tops.  Each of the six married children, together with some of the smaller grandchildren, had their own rooms with wonderful beds to sleep in. The older boys had their sleeping quarters in the lower level, which also had a kitchen (just in case they did not get enough for dinner) and a large room for watching movies and playing games.  The older girls (starting around age five) had the loft with individual twin beds lining the walls and a large area for the younger ones to play with dolls and other fun things. In other rooms was found billiards and table tennis and air hockey and other amusements to engage in. The Great Room on the main floor was perfect for small group get-togethers, quiet intimate conversations, lounging on a soft sofa and reading a book or taking a short nap, and large enough for the whole family to gather in for a family conference, and the adjacent kitchen and eating rooms and outside porches were more than adequate for a big group.


There was no end to the fun things to do, both at the lodge and nearby places:  quiet and noisy games, a huge meadow expanse for outdoor events, fishing, canoeing, swimming and catching frogs in the pond just a few feet away, bicycling and motor bikes, hiking in the forest, horseback riding, and rafting down the Colorado River and surviving daring leaps from cliffs twenty feet above the water.  Visits by moose and other wildlife in the daytime and campfires with night noises from coyotes and other critters in the evening were a delight. Everyone was busy and happy all-day long. Our memories of this time together bring feelings of peace and gratitude, and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

Burt & Anne Mc. (Los Angeles, CA)

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Linda Richmond, Manager


Grand Lake​, Colorado